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Hi-Definition, Virtual Golf Simulator

Define Your Game in High-Definition with a Computerized Swing Analysis

High Definition Golf™ is the ONLY way to be transported to ANY golf course in the world without actually being there. Our golf simulator offers you the most the realistic golf experience. With the simple click of a button you can be playing at Pebble Beach looking across the breathtaking seascape—and then you realized that you have never seen a simulation this real.

HD Golf's revolutionary image processing software utilizes high resolution digital images to create life-like “skins” and Geophysical Information Systems (GIS) to replicate accurate terrain and elevation data. This proprietary process creates a true 3D model of the golf course that not only looks real, but is completely accurate everywhere on the course. Every tree, bunker, and hazard is faithfully reproduced exactly as you would see it when playing the actual golf course. So real you can almost smell the salty air.

The magic of our Golf simulator technology is its ability to create a full-circle experience of authenticity. Next level technology means extremely precise measurements of all critical club and ball data. HD Golf's proprietary Spectrum Sensor Technology™ sets a new standard for industry excellence—in time, this precision will be the secret to achieving your perfect game.

Of course, the power of High Definition Golf™ is that it transforms a simple room into the spectacular greens of the world's greatest courses.

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